watershed-exteriorBoise WaterShed – LEED Gold certified

Located at the West Boise Wastewater Treatment Facility off Chinden Road, this nearly 10k square foot, 2.8M new environmental and education center integrated multiple sustainable elements into the design. Sustainable design elements include: erosion & sediment control, alternative refueling stations, minimized site disturbance, storm water management, reduced heat islands at roof and non-roof surfaces, light pollution reduction, water efficient landscaping and water use reduction by 50%, no potable water use for irrigation, total building water use reduction by 20%, CFC reduction in HVAC & R equipment, increased energy performance of 30%, renewable energy source accounts for 5% of total energy source, reduced ozone depletion, storage and collection of recyclables, 50% construction waste diverted from landfill, 25% of building materials contain recycled content, 20% of building materials manufactured locally, CO2 monitoring, increased ventilation effectiveness, low-emitting adhesives, sealants, paints, carpet and composite wood, indoor chemical and pollutant source control, permanent monitoring systems to provide thermal comfort for occupants, natural daylight to 75% of spaces, view available to 90% of spaces and complete building commissioning.

The Boise WaterShed is a major environmental and educational landmark in southwestern Idaho.

The Design Team aimed for LEED Certified Certification, but achieved LEED Gold Certification upon completion.

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