The Bottom Line

Green buildings are good for the environment, but they can also prove to be good for the bottom line. Upfront construction costs for sustainable buildings are coming into line with traditional building types, but it is the long term savings that are most dramatic.

Building owners can expect to see a 50% or greater reduction in their operating costs ($.50-$.60 per square foot annually for green buildings versus $1-$2 for traditional buildings).

To assist clients with budget management, we provide a cost-premium analysis that compares the cost to design and construct a LEED or non-LEED building. Whether or not the client decides to go with official LEED Certification, we can provide a side-by-side analysis of the additional cost to incorporate sustainable elements into the building.

As green building becomes more prevalent, consumer demand drives the costs down and increases availability. For certain sustainable features, it is feasible to expect very minimal cost increase – or none at all!

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