Our Approach

We use the integrated design approach.

Modus Architecture is committed to a holistic approach to design that involves the owner and the entire design team in the decision-making process. This inclusive and dynamic process that works seamlessly with LEED encourages the owner and design team to collectively seek out a solution that meets several criteria of success: functional and sustainable design; budget adherence; and timely and efficient delivery.

06144charrette 007As a group, we will discuss and analyze the vision of a project. Utilizing this vision, we will specify goals that will be translated into the built environment. By identifying goals, we provide the baseline for communiation on which all other decisions will be based. Using this team problem solving approach accepts the concept that stakeholders are integral to the design process.

One way to apply this approach is to conduct an eco-charrette early in the design process. An eco-charrette is a series of concentrated workshops with the stakeholders and entire design team that aims to identify the sustainable goals of the building and create several practical solutions. This process encourages the team to make decisions that will help keep the project free from delays caused by lack of information at later stages in the design process.

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