River Residence – Fruitland, Idaho

River Residence – Fruitland, Idaho In 2009, Modus Architecture completed an extensive renovation of a 5,000 sf riverfront house.  Special attention was paid to emphasize surrounding views, direct sunlight, and capturing exterior spaces.  The overall character of the house changed dramatically to include natural materials inside with shaded trellis areas outside.  Modus also provided master planning services

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Nampa Downtown Revitalization

Nampa Downtown Revitalization – Nampa, Idaho The City of Nampa requested the development of three new conceptual districts to create a sense of place and revitalize the downtown area. The style of each district was designed to relate to each other, while maintaining a distinct character. The Business District offers high density housing, office space

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Mayhew Residence – Boise, Idaho

Mayhew Residence – Boise, Idaho Modus Architecture designed a new 7,500 square foot single-family residence, a new 2,600 square foot guest house, and conceptual layout of the pool. Overlooking a pond and the mountains beyond, this home includes a great room / entry that extends 26 feet upward to a double vaulted ceiling. Other features include

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Delaney Residence – Boise, Idaho

Delaney Residence – Boise, Idaho This project provided a new hobby room, a second master suite, and a bathroom to the second floor of an existing residence. A new structure was built over the existing residence. The architectural character of the original residence was maintained.