Warm Springs Resort MPWarm Springs Resort – Master Planning a LEED Project

Master planning for an 80+ acre resort; conducting charrettes; collecting and analyzing site and program data;  developing detailed schedules; developing detailed opinion of probable costs.  The eco charrette began with an extensive site analysis by hiking the terrain with a diverse and comprehensive group including; architects, civil engineer, landscape architect, mechanical and electrical engineers, LEED administrator, hydrologist, an ecologist, constructed wetlands specialist, alterative energy specialist, the contractors, the owners and a planning and zoning official.  Multiple day eco charrettes were conducted to determine stakeholder goals and the relationship to potential LEED credits.  A multiple session master planning design charrette translated the eco charrette data into sketch format.  Design and color rendering of the master plan in addition to a detailed program, project schedule and opinion of probable cost provided the owners marketing material to begin their quest for financing with comprehensive knowledge and scope of their dream project.

The comprehensive goal was to provide a sustainable eco-resort and spa that would capture the natural hot springs in a sustainable manner, provide alternative means to provide power to the resort, manage waste water on-site, produce food on-site and restore the land to a healthy ecology.

*The project has been unable to secure funding due to the economic recession of 2009.

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