06144charrette 007North Nampa Revitalization Strategy Community Workshop – Nampa, Idaho

Members of this Design Planning Team, the Mayor of Nampa and the City of Nampa hosted a focus group consisting of neighborhood stakeholders, industry professionals, area business professionals, non-profit and activist members and city officials for a day and a half interactive planning session, including a site specific tour.

Members of our Design Planning Team organized and lead the community workshop, collaborating with the City to develop an agenda, invitation and focus group pool. We developed a custom tour of the neighborhood, prepared overview transportation and transit, land use, flood plain and other materials which were delivered to participants prior to the workshop.

Key outcomes, recurring themes and big ideas from the entire process were distilled, refined and brought together with additional industry knowledge and planning pieces.

Services also included developing a strong graphic identity for the project, building awareness and excitement among community members and city officials. A logo was designed for the project, tying together various components of the workshop and all project communications. This allowed for visual continuity and recognition over the lifetime of the project.

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