National Parks Service Connected Work Place

This project began as a remodel to an office space but transformed into a re-thinking of office space and the development of work spaces to maximize group dynamics and reduce the carbon footprint of the office. The goal was to create a fluid work space where employees work on-site as needed, have access to meeting rooms and private space when needed, and have the flexibility to work at home or in alternate work sites closer to home when possible.

Modus and the NPS worked through programming and schematic design with a continued dialogue through meetings, design charrettes, presentations, surveys, staff programming interviews and research of the NPS policies at a national level.

Through this process, the goals and design were refined with the outcome of a “Connected Work Place Environment” that fosters group effectiveness, workplace efficiency, health and well being and reduces the carbon footprint through behavior changes. Designing interior spaces that reinforce positive human behavior. The deliverables included a 60+ page document detailing information regarding the project approach, research, analysis, opinion of probable cost and schematic designs for the office layout.

We began by deconstructing the existing space to the shell. We looked at ways to provide access to natural daylight, views, operable windows, skylights, efficient lighting and HVAC. The office work space layout evolved from that. Numerous schematic layouts were developed giving attention to reception areas, conference rooms, work areas, flex rooms, focus rooms, collaborative spaces, flex work spaces, dedicated work spaces, both indoor and outdoor break areas, furnishings and sound masking techniques. These spaces are flexible and interchangeable depending on the current needs of the NPS office environment, which helps foster collaboration among coworkers. The connectivity to natural daylight and fresh air improves work place productivity and morale. The success and efficiency of a “Connected Work Place” is based on this well designed system of components.

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