2014-03-23 11.06.08Litharachnium – BODO – Boise, Idaho

An Eco-Art on 8th Street Project, featuring public art about the environment and sustainability, was funded by the Capital City Development Corporation, Boise City’s Public Works Percent-for-Art Program and Greenworks Idaho, and administered by Boise City’s Department of Arts and History. Litharachnium was designed by Dennis and Margo Proksa of Blackrock Forge in Pocatello.

Idaho may be far from the ocean now, but 100 million years ago in the cretaceous period it was underwater. “Litharachnium” are single-celled aquatic animals, or zooplankton, that form a vital link in the marine food-chain. Plankton drift freely in the sunlit surface of the ocean, where they provide the world with oxygen and – through their birth, growth, death and decay – play an essential role in the global carbon cycle.

This 20’ tall steel sculpture models a single Litharachnium enlarged thousands of times to exhibit the extraordinary beauty of the natural world upon which we all depend – a world stressed by the exponential growth of civilization.

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