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A project for Boise’s Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC), the Grove Street Corridor Concept Plan establishes connectivity, identity and a sense of place through the implementation of green infrastructure, public art and mobility.

The Grove Street Concept Plan depicts a “Complete Streets Approach” along Grove Street from 16th to 3rd streets. The Grove Street corridor has the potential to act as an east/west corridor, linking the Linen District through the downtown core to the Basque Block and on to the Ada County Courthouse. The concepts presented have been designed to strengthen the identity of Grove Street and to build on the momentum of the relatively new Linen District. Businesses will take root and grow by tapping into the energy that activates the streetscape.

Currently the Grove Street Corridor passes through a combination of well-defined places that are counter-balanced by other non-descript areas. The well-defined places such as the Linen District, Grove Plaza and Basque Block are flanked by areas of surface parking and narrow sidewalks. The large areas of asphalt and concrete, punctuated by the width of Grove Street and the minimal dedication of public space to the pedestrian, all serve to hinder the corridor’s potential.

The Concept Plan proposes a “Green corridor” where gateways are defined, places are formed, wayfinding is developed. Imagine people enjoying sunny afternoons on benches, events inviting people to linger and businesses thriving. Adaptive reuse of buildings is encouraged and over time parking lots are replaced with new retail, offices and living spaces.

Through the implementation of green infrastructure, public art and the resolution of mobility issues, Grove Street has an opportunity to become a thriving corridor. Developing Grove Street as a corridor of green infrastructure will bring many opportunities to Boise. Encouraging art and historical references in our downtown is integral to placemaking and creating a sense of ownership for our community. If people and vehicles are able to easily and safely navigate our downtown, businesses will have an opportunity to thrive and expand in a way that will promote a healthy local economy.

This concept plan includes an 80 page report and boards depicting design opportunities for enhancement and a detailed cost estimate.

Download Full report (30MB pdf) and Presentation boards (3.5MB pdf)

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