Fidelity Building Streetscape Improvements – Boise, Idaho

This streetscape improvement presented multiple design challenges and approval from multiple agencies including the City of Boise and ACHD.  The design also needed to reflect the historical character of the building as it is located in the downtown Boise Central Historical District.  Modus research historical photos to determine the original scale of awnings on the building, and the type of marquee that may have been located at the main entry.  The designed awnings and proposed marquee reflect the historical character with a modern interpretation.

This project includes new electrically operated canopy’s at the patio dining areas; new fixed awnings at the second floor windows; new railing to reflect the character of the building; new exterior building lighting; new entry vestibules to individual tenant spaces; new marquee at the main entry to the building; design for hanging flower baskets and other potted plants.

The awnings have been installed, and the other elements are scheduled for future installations.

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